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As a Greeting From Oct Founder

Looking for “some

The road to our goals is built in hope.
With hope in our heart we dared to dream.
The journey is as joyful as the destination.
We travel on ......

Looking for “some

It was 27 years ago when I started export - business as one of Auto Spare Parts suppliers in Japan.
With the support of 3 manufacturers of Ignition Coils, Distributors and Timing parts, we flew to Middle East, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to lay the foundation of the OCT Corporation of today.
These 3 products have grown as our “ Flagship products “ to establish our presence in Asia, Latin America and other world of aftermarkets.

Dream is to stand by Reality

Our dream is based on your reality.
Our reality is to help fulfill your dreams.

Let us journey together to make this happen.
We are always greatful for your support and patronage.

Together as a team let us succeed,

Looking for “ some “.

OCT corporation

Yukio Fukase

Oct. 14, 2015